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Dear folks,

Are you holding a POSB Everyday Card?  Have you redeemed your POSB Everyday Card daily $?  Do you know what is the smartest way to redeem your daily$? You can opt to redeem the daily $ at participating outlets or store or through internet banking.  My advice is to redeem it online through internet banking.  Let me share with you why.

If you redeem the daily$ at participating outlets or stores, you will lose the chance of getting the daily$ rebates credit to your POSB Everyday Card.  Take for example, if you purchase a item of $100, you are entitled to $1 daily $.  If you charge to your POSB Everyday Card directly, you can still earn the $1.  If you redeem the daily $ on the spot of purchase, you will lose the $1 cash rebate.  So, login to internet banking to redeem your POSB Everyday Card daily $ and not redeem it at the shops to optimize your daily $.

You can get to redeem the following perks through internet banking at the top right hand corner of the POSB/DBS banking page:

- Utilities (Daily$ will be credited to your Everyday Card account)
- Starhub Mobile/ Digital Cable/ Maxonline (Daily$ will be credited to your Everyday Card account)
- Everyday Card account (Daily$ redeemed will offset card outstanding balance)
- Comfort Taxi Vouchers.

If you do a simple calculation, you will get what I meant.





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  1. Michelle says:

    Which shops can I link my POSB EVERYDAY card? Beside Watsons?

  2. yaogui says:

    Hi Michelle,

    These are the places that you can earn reward points with your POSB Everyday Card. Hope this helps :)

    Hypermarket – Carrefour 5%
    Health & Beauty – Watsons 3%
    Petrol – SPC 17.55%
    Utilities – SP Services 1%
    Telecom/Cable TV/Broadband – StarHub 1%
    Taxi – Comfort/City Cab 1%
    Season Parking – HDB New! 3%
    EZ-Reload 2%
    Everything else 0.3% – up to 20%

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